University Relations inspires excellence and achievement. We are a leader in illuminating the University of Maryland as a world-class institution with global impact.


Our mission is to advance the goals of the University by increasing resources and support, enhancing awareness and affinity, and strengthening and developing relationships with the Maryland family and the greater community.


Excellence » Innovation / Creativity / Pride

We expect excellence in all that we do. We set the highest standards of quality and effectiveness, embrace innovation and creativity, and take pride in our productivity and accomplishments.

Communication » Respect / Inquiry / Integrity

We engage in open and genuine discourse. We respect and listen to our colleagues and constituents, strive to learn from others, encourage dialogue, and welcome contrasting perspectives.

Collaboration » Empowerment / Accountability / Synergy

We work together to achieve our highest potential. We establish clear goals and expectations, embrace accountability, energize and empower others, and partner with others across the division and University.